Monday, June 15, 2009

So NOT a Libertarian

Since I have been trying on the "Libertarian" label and prancing in front of the mirror a bit...I don't want anything to sully it up more than its abortion stance and 9/10 isolationist mentality already does...and Bill Maher could find a way to defile Hugh Heffner...

So, aside from getting annoyed that blatantly far-left maher is constantly labeled a Libertarian (I think he needs to do a bit of reading over at the Cato Institute), this clip is interesting... It elucidates the Left's growing frustration with Obama, but their reluctance to really make it His fault. After all their hero worship, the buyer's remorse seems to be a painful, confusing process for them:

(You know it's a moment of turmoil if Bill Maher is saying McCain was right about something during the campaign and that Obama needs to be a little more like GWB...)

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