Friday, June 19, 2009

Can We Commit to a Tea Party?

I admit it... I'm a part of a seriously commitment-phobic generation. "I'll call you," I quip when the doctor's office receptionist wants to make my next appointment. "Can I let you know" when the school wants to know which committee I'll help with next year...and I've actually been toying with the idea of taking my young heathens to church --because I found one that has no membership...

But this fear of being tied down has lead to the illusion that we on the Right aren't as passionate about our country plummeting into irreparable debt and demise as they on the left were about a supposed war for oil.

The MSM and Janine Garafolo tried to frame the Tea parties as "racist events" --this is because the right was finally taking to the streets with placards --and action the left thought was owned by them. Anyone that attended a tax day tea party knows that any claim of organizing against a Black President, and not that President's ACTIONS, couldn't be further from the truth. These gatherings were in the spirit of the first tea parties...frustration over the misuse of tax payer dollars and the irresponsibility of ALL members of Congress -D's AND R's! If people stopped playing politics and actually looked at what is happening with the "stimulus package", ACORN and the census, health care, GM, Chrysler dealerships, etc, etc, etc...there would should have been mass movements from within BOTH parties.

There is another wave of Tea Parties on July 4th. Many I have read about are combining the Tea party with family picnics. I know it's asking a lot to COMMIT to something two full weeks in advance, but this is the only way we can take the power back. Not from Left to Right, but from the government to the PEOPLE.

For information on a Independence Day tea Party near you, go to where you can find or start a Tea Party. The Philadelphia Tea Party III is even having a contest for the best sign this time... last time the "Honk if I bought you a Flat Screen" would have had my vote. :)

So GO find the Tea party in your city and COMMIT to going...and Re-Declare your independence!!!!

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