Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I realize that although the torture/not torture debate will rage on, basically, minds are already made up and the possibility of them changing is slim.

BUT, as I was watching this video of 'Conservative' shock jock Mancow get waterboarded and exclaim that it's torture...it finally hit me why it's not. Because as much as it totally SUCKED (which no one has denied), when it's over he's able to sit and talk about the experience. It's OVER as soon as the water stops. There are no lasting effects, no bleeding, no broken bones. he's able to discuss what happen. Yes, he's shaken but he's able bodied and minded.

Unlike John McCain when the VC were finished with him. And unlike Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl when Islam was done with them.

So I'm adding "lasting effects" to MY definition of TORTURE.

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