Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Victims of Socialized Medicine

You can watch many more videos at this site which is intent on educating the American public about the realities of government-funded health care.

There are two things proponents of socialized medicine never seem to ask themselves. Why do people come from every other country to have their medical treatments HERE if they're able?

And, is there really a time when you get something great for free...or do you normally get what you pay for?

People aren't against nationalized meds because they are jazzed about footing their own insurance bills...they are jut smart enough to know that all elective procedures and preventative procedures will be off the table. That less and less college grads will choose to struggle though medical school and we will be left with sub-par candidates and that waiting times, both in waiting rooms and for procedures, will be unprecedented...

Why Are Health Care Costs So High?
The people's fault: Frivolous lawsuits
Lawyers' fault: Offering services for frivolous lawsuits
Doctors: Charging too much
Insurance companies: Charging too much
Insurance companies: Paying off lawsuits without a trial
They're not high in comparison to other countries and what we get
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