Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three Words

I'll admit it, I was a Twitter naysayer.

But now I'm into it. Not like others perhaps. I could care less that I'm on Twitter, and I could certainly care less that any stupid celeb is there...but Free Republic, the Cato Institute, John Hawkins, Gay Patriot, Red State, FNC, the Weekly Standard and Drudge (and many others) have all kept me completely in the news loop regardless of where I am. I was able to inform everyone at the nail salon yesterday that the Philly mom that claimed to have been kidnapped was actually in Disney World...all because I was reading my peep's tweets during my pedi.

There's also silly things that take "3 words you don't want to hear after sex" (I take Visa) or "crappy Superhero names" (Captain Codpiece) --and I thought I'd pilfer one of them for today:

Three words Obama hates.
Have at it...

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