Monday, May 04, 2009

The Swine Flu is an Inside Job!

If we apply all the lessons we have learned over the past eight years from those on the Left, we have no other recourse than assume that the H1N1 virus (formerly known as Swine Flu) has been callously and purposefully let loose upon the population by the Obama administration.

Barack's mother believed everyone in the United States should have health care. Barack believes everyone in the United States should have health care. We have been told countless times over the past eight years that men become Presidents to be afforded the opportunity to carry out the wishes of a parent. We must therefore assume that one of Barack's motivating factors in becoming president was enacting some of his mother's ideologies.

Providing Americans with universal health care was never a hidden agenda. Barack discussed this invasion of our private health care system many times before he ever stepped foot in the Oval Office. This was something that was also heavily discussed by his advisers, policy wonks and handlers prior to his swearing in. We would be fools not to surmise there were plans being forged on how to best bring about public support for this sweeping change in American policy.

Unfortunately, unlike the Bush administration's Rove, this administration has no real stand out genius to credit this evil plot must have been a collaboration. Was it Obama or Rahm's ideas to target the Mexicans? I mean, the Left all stands behind eugenicist Margaret they have to believe one of the races is expendable. They released the virus (Obama WAS in Mexico and one of the men he shook hands with died the next day!) and the expendables started falling ill. The folks that can afford insurance will be told it's spreading because of the vast numbers that can't afford it. We'll be told if we accept and pay for socialized meds, everyone could have gone to the doctor and stopped the virus.

Scared into giving up our right to a free market system. Scared into losing any chance of elective surgery. Scared into a reality where one waits months for Chemo and radiation opposed to days. Scared into being forced to see sub par doctors because the brilliant minds have chosen other careers in light of the CHANGE.

Given all the evidence. Barack's mom wanting universal heath care. Barack being in Mexico. The fact that no one saw a pig give someone the flu. I mean first they said it was a pig strain, then they said it had bird too and some human characteristics? Now they don't even want us to call it swine flu? THIS IS AN INSIDE JOB! A plan set in motion by the Obama administration to invade our heath care system long before he even took office... H1N1 Was an Inside Job!

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