Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"She Gave the Same Answer the President of the United States Gave!"

...and Perez Hilton voted for Obama.

But today, The Donald said that Carrie Prejean gets to retain her crown as Miss California regardless of what "Judge #8" thinks of her impromptu, honest answer. Trump also implied that the "very low marks" Perez Hilton gave Carrie could have caused her to be runner up and not the winner...

The Queen of all Bitterness posted about it, but makes NO mention of the fact that Trump says that she gave the same answer of the Messiah of the Left (and over 55% of the American public).

The speech she gave at the press conference was great... It really isn't fair to find out that she has a brain --and is only 21 and so breathtakingly beautiful! :)

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