Thursday, May 07, 2009

Regardless of Your Politics...You Should Stand Up for Savage

In case you don't know, right wing radio host Michael Savage was put on a list of 22 people that can not enter the United Kingdom... He is not on this list with Howard Stern, Bill Maher and other loud mouth talk show hosts. No, he is on the list with hard core gangsters, thugs and murderers. He's a talk show host. His show is a NATIONAL show...people in England don't even know who he is. Why is he on that list?

Love or hate Savage, this is wrong. Imagine I wake up and find someone didn't like the views on my blog and bans me from the UK...and puts me on a list with Fred Phelps, killers and Klan members (no, not Robert Byrd)...Or you...what if you're on the list?

I would be writing this post for Bill Maher or Al Franken and I'm writing it for Savage. Who is this Jacqui Smith and how did Savage come into her radar? I know there has to be a story here...WND thinks they have the answer...and it starts with O and ends with A.

I'm going to contact their office, tell them I attended one of their universities and that I strongly disapprove of their continued efforts to confuse free speech with violent actions unless one is wearing a Salafi...

Jacqui Smith - Home Office
Direct Communications Unit
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF

I want to hear that all the supposed 'free speech' crusaders came out and stood up for Savage...ahem, Bill Maher, ahem.

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