Thursday, May 21, 2009

Politics At Its Worst

There is A LOT at stake for unions across the country that are currently bleeding members (and have been for years). They feel as if Obama is in the Oval Office thanks to them --and they want their pay the form of the Employee Free Choice Act (aka Card Check).

Arlen Specter says he won't support the anti-American legislation, but the AFL-CIO is promising to kiss his brass ring if he changes his mind. There is an article claiming that Specter's staff claimed they will trash all letters in support of the card Check legislation...maybe because they know the unions pass out form letters and force encourage their members to put a signature on them...

BUT, you have to watch this ad that's currently running here in Pennsylvania. It's SO disingenuous...I know a lot of political ads are, but this ad by American Rights at Work blatantly relying on the public's ignorance (telling for a union representative to rely on ignorance and apathy).

How does being against the loss of private ballots (a quintessentially AMERICAN right) render you aligned with "greedy CEOs", "big business" and/or "Washington Lobbyists"? We should make an ad informing the union members that their leaders and 'advocates' think they are mindless drones --how else can this ad be explained?

And speaking of Arlen, I wonder if his recent siding with Nancy Pelosi is a way of schmoozing with the Dems without totally jumping in bed with the unions...

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