Friday, May 08, 2009

Paternity Test is a Go for Edwards' (Alleged) Love Child

"...And you thought the John Edwards sex scandal couldn't get seamier.

The ex-senator's former lover [Rielle Hunter] - furious at being portrayed as a stalker in his wife's media tour - reportedly is taking revenge and will allow a paternity test for her baby after all.

But on the eve of Elizabeth Edwards' appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" today to plug her new book, the National Enquirer reports that Hunter has changed her mind.

"Now she can see there's never going to be a future with John, and she feels he's lied about his promise to keep Elizabeth from trashing her in the book," an "insider" told the mag..." (source)

Does Rielle Hunter expect Elizabeth Edwards to be gracious about her affair with her husband as she dies of cancer? Sleeping with a married man is one thing...sleeping with a married man that has a wife dying of cancer reserves you a whole new circle of hell (I hope).

I know it shouldn't, but it AMAZES me how SILENT the media has been about this...the juiciest political story since the cigar and blue dress...

And speaking of slimey men...Did you read about Jon Gosselin?

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