Friday, May 08, 2009

My Person and Other Blog Baby News

...I don't know why I call him 'person.' I think because I got into a whole abortion thing with my bro when he was teeny tiny and I was holding him and looking at him while we were discoursing and I kept thinking..."but he IS a person!"

Anyway, I realized it's been a while since you saw him...and he's 7 months old today (Can you believe it!?) and sitting and crawling and pulling up to stand by himself. He's the most spoiled little person ever because no one ever wants to put him down... He looks like an anime drawing...

Also, in case you weren't aware...CONGRATULATIONS Kali who gave birth a few weeks ago to Liora (what a great name!) who is just SO cute. Kali and her hubby are understandably smitten. :) She promises she'll be Blogging soon as she can stop mooning over her new little girl. Okay, maybe she won;t be blogging again! :)

We also have Blog Twins on the way! ~Jen~ is having two little boys! YEAH! Big and Mean must be beside himself. :)

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