Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Music Post from My The Man (aka tesco)

Six months later and I'm doing fine. I never thought I'd be able to say that.. I was only blogging for around 4 years but while I was at it, I couldn't remember what life was like before the blahhgs. It was good. Now, it's good again. It's still a little odd not turning my computer on as soon as I wake up in the morning, get home from work, wake up in the middle of the night.. It's cool though. Now I can just write a post for my wife every now and then to satisfy my itch.

So here we go.

What will our beloved tesco write about today? I know it sounds crazy, but I'm gonna write about music. I would love to turn you on to some new, amazing band but there just doesn't seem to be any of those anymore. I'd say it's because I'm just getting old and out of touch but after running an MP3 site and and a music blog for 4 years, I still get a lot of emails from recording companies and promoters pushing new bands. I'm still getting my taste of new music and most of the time, it still sucks. I don't blame the musicians though, really, what are they gonna play that hasn't been played a million times at this point? After all the associated genres attached to Punk how could there possibly be anything now that could knock you out like that?
I've decided, as a musician and lover of music, there can't be.

I have run across some interesting DJ work though: It's called "Mash-Ups". At first listen you may react like I did and assume that this is all just more sampling and anyone could pull this off.. but as you continue to listen, you'll realize that it does take a trained ear to match up the rhythms and beats from the different tunes to pull off a decent sounding track. The following video should give most of you a pretty good idea what I mean. It also consists of two songs that almost
everyone knows.

Party Ben's Led Snooppelin:

In my searches, I found a site with tons of good ones. He seems to use more, umm, less known bands tied with well known bands: ToTom's Mash-Ups
You gotta check out "Young Americans Stand Up". It's David Bowie's, Young Americans mixed with Prodigy's, Stand Up.

Well, just like the old days, I'm up late writing this post. The bad part is, I'm no good at writing posts, so now this is just keeping me up. Fear not though, I will return every now and then to check in on you kids and feed you some new tunes to chew on.. as soon as I find some worth posting. Until then, stay out of trouble, be good to yourself and don't let it get you down.

Forget about the last thing I said, I could really care less.

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