Friday, May 01, 2009

Miss California VS. Perez Hilton

Loving that Miss California, Carrie Prejean, didn't just lie down and submit to a chubby gossip queen...a chubby queen so immature and jealous that Prejean is one of the beautiful people and he just stalks the beautiful people that he has a story called "Jesus loves fake titties." What a tool.

Do I think she could have worded her answer better to avoid this firestorm? Yes. But what happened to tolerance? Gee, is it one-sided?

Would we force a mosque to have a pig roast? Of course not, because we understand the Qur'an tells them it's wrong --just like non-Christian Americans should understand the Bible says homosexuality is wrong --regardless of whether you find that reality palatable or not.

I wish this country would actually separate Church and State and have CIVIL UNIONS for ALL non-religious and straight. Leave the marriage to the people that actually want to give God an active role in their union!

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