Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Democrats and Christians Are Not Synonymous

So says Liberty University.

"...Liberty University has ordered its fledgling College Democrats club to shut down, saying the group stands against the conservative Christian school's moral principles.

Club president Brian Diaz said he was shocked to be notified by e-mail last week that the club was being banned by the private university in Lynchburg founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. The university first recognized it in the fall.

"We were shocked, as well, that (the club) even got accepted. It was huge, and we were glad that Liberty did that," Diaz said in a telephone interview from Orlando, Fla.

The club is barred from using Liberty's name, advertising events and holding meetings on campus. Violators could be reprimanded and face expulsion for repeated offenses..." (source)

Of course there are some that will have knee-jerk, angry reactions to this --like the 7 year old (?) Kos Kid that quickly penned a letter to Liberty informing them that they should disband the Conservative groups because Jesus never owned a gun. So deep and profound! Funny, she tells them to read the Bible, but obviously she hasn't as she doesn't realize it's a book wrought with war...

But LU has a right to keep it's name from any club. It's a private school that doesn't take government money. It's an evangelical school that opposes abortion, that doesn't condone sex before marriage, gay marriage or homosexuality at all... They're not trying to be mean or discriminate...they are following the Bible. And I know these people. Everyone I went to high school with went to Liberty University or Messiah College.

People act like it's so radical when others actually follow through with what they believe. I guess that is radical in America 2009...the rejection of moral relativism.

I totally get it though. I've said it before and I wasn't being facetious or purposefully incendiary...that I wonder how anyone that claims to be a Christian (like an actual accept Jesus as your Savior Christian, not an "I'm a spiritual person" christian) could have voted for Obama --someone that is so radically pro-abortion. So I get LU's decision. They can't jive how a true born again Christian align themselves with a platform that condones so many things that are clearly against Biblical teachings...

Ya know what annoys me most, if this were Imam University telling students that couldn't have a Pig Club or a Woman Rock club, it wouldn't have even made the news...

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