Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dear Pro-Choice Folks:

There's really no tactful way to say this, so please allow me to be blunt...

The next time one of you reference the fact that I'm pro-life in the same tone that you'd disclose someone had genital warts, I might just have to deck you. Why are you all so friggin' rude?! Forget about the whole 'you should respect my choice to be pro-life argument' --how about this:

If I honestly in my heart and with every fiber of my being believe that is indeed a baby in a mother's womb (does anyone actually dispute this now?)...wouldn't I be the biggest ass in the world if I wasn't wildly and actively pro-life? Would you even want to know someone that said, 'Yeah, it's a baby but who cares?' And even if YOU don't care what "choice a mother makes" --why am *I* so wrong for caring? When did it become a cardinal sin to look out for the younger, the weaker and the helpless?

Here's a crazy revelation...Believe it or not, I'm not pro-life as an act of spite to women. Being pro-life is about protecting the innocent, not punishing some genius couple that couldn't manage to figure out the elaborately intricate act of sliding a condom over a penis.

...Funny, most of you are probably against gun laws that say I can shoot you if you enter my house without my permission...but should a life enter you by no fault of its own...

How is it that a girl that has an abortion at 4 months will look you in the face and tell you it's not a baby...but if that very same girl had a miscarriage at a month ...she "lost the baby." It's a baby if you want it, but not if you don't? How convenient for you.

And next time you decide to sneer my beliefs to someone else in disdain...remember that *I* am the one in the right. I am the one trying to do the right thing by protecting one that can't protect themselves. You can try make it about being a religious kook (which I am obviously not) or about oppressing the woman, but you and I both know that's just a cop out.

As Always,


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