Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheney Fights for America

Why would Dick Cheney be putting himself out there? He doesn't want to be President. He doesn't need money. I doubt he cares about his "legacy" with a media that despises him regardless of what he does.

Maybe because he honestly believes Obama is hurting the country?

I haven't had time to check either of the Troll Holes (DU or Kos) to find out why the Obamatrons and Sheeple think he's out there, but I'm sure it would be an interesting read...

The MSM keeps asking whether a VP questioning the current administration this soon is par for the course and from their line of questioning we infer that Cheney just jumped into the limelight to excoriate Obama. Wrong. The Obama administration prompted Cheney from his undisclosed location by challenging the methods that have kept America without an attack for the past 8 years.

Shepard Smith read a supposed letter from a family that watches his show -the paraphrased version:

Dear Shep, Our family has been life-long Republicans, but we are switching our registration as of today because of Dick Cheney. Because he's out there, it seems as if he 'dost protest too much." The Loser Family

I hate when news organizations give even a moment to letters like this that were obviously written by a Kos Kid and they collectively sniggered when FNC actually read it. That would be like a "life-long Democrat" changing political affiliation over Nancy Pelosi's speaking out at the CIA. So because someone is mad at Pelosi they're going to forget about their ideology as a person and all their other beliefs and switch to the party with the polar opposite values? So.Ridiculous. Shame on you Shep.

Alright, I had to is one of the riffs from the DU (I had to take out the title because it wasn't WS):

"What a scene you painted today. On the one hand was the first duly elected president in eight years, giving a speech in front of the actual Constitution of the United States. On the other hand is a former high level government official, now a *private citizen*, making some disgruntled remarks at the privately owned, right wing, borderline terrorist, offices of a right wing funded group.

Why did you choose to not only cover the later with the same fake gravitas as the former, but to equate them by virtue of that coverage? Are you lazy, stupid, or owned? Never mind. You are at least two of the three.

To MSNBC, specifically, shame on you. You grow closer to Politico each day. For all your vaunted 'liberal' night time lineup, you use your power not to report truth, but to catapult the right wing spew no less than you ever did. You're just more sneaky about it. That slimeball, gnome-like, motherfucker, Jack Welch clearly still holds sway at 30 Rock. Shame on you. You're the worst of the worst. Faux, at least, does not pretend what they are. YOU DO.

To NBC, see above.

To ABC, you got nothin'. Charlie Gibson? He sucked in the morning. He sucks worse at night.

To CBS, ask yourself why the kids on South Park measure the potency of turds in Courics.

But today ..... all of you ...... outdid yourselves. You put that draft dodging, not-near-enough-to-death, snarling WAR CRIMINAL on the same level as a decent man who was actually elected by the majority of voters to lead this country.

Shame on you all."
(source -and I use the word lightly here)

So, aside from Shep Smith's Loser family, I'm pretty sure the 58+ million of us that voted against Obama's policies for this country know that Cheney has nothing to gain by putting himself out there --other than to defend his ideology and point to its success in keeping us safe since 9/11/01. But I'm assuming this motivation will never cross Paul Krugman's little mind or find it's way into the drive-by's publications.

...or maybe it all the angst about Cheney really has nothing to do with his policies at all and stems from, ya know, ....envy. :)

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