Monday, April 06, 2009

Tyra Digs for Palin Dirt...Unsuccessfully.

Disclaimer: The Tyra Banks show comes on after my local morning news and weather--so many times it gets inadvertently left on. This morning that paid off.

Tyra had Levi Johnston and his family on. In case you have already forgotten, Levi is Bristol Palin's baby daddy and his sister Mercede is the one that's been selling her silly high school gossip to all the supermarket rags.

Tyra's questions were so incredibly leading that it was obviously fishing for dirt on the family that could possibly challenge her man in 2012. Despite the show's best efforts to demonize the Palin's, the show ended with (what I can only imagine as Tyra's worst nightmare coming to fruition..) this:

(paraphrased)Tyra: So, if Sarah Palin runs in 2012 would you be happy? Would you vote for her?

Levi: Well, I'd be happy for her she'd made it that far, but it's already hard to see Tripp and I think if she were President it would make that even harder.

Tyra: So, if the ballot were in front of you with two little squares that said Sarah Palin or Barack Obama...which one would you check.

Levi: I'd still have to vote for Sarah Palin.


I'm sure this wasn't the response she was looking for--and she looked shocked. I guess a booking agent is being fired in NYC as I type this.

The second unexpected positive that came from this would-be sabotage for the Palins is Levi's sister came off looking like a freak--even by Tyra's standards if her reactions mirrored her thoughts. Mercede is the one stirring up the trouble in the press--on the show she was going on about how Bristol was so jealous of her and Levi's relationship. She then proceeds to tell Tyra she has Levi's name tattooed on her. Tyra looks confused, "You have your brother's name on you?"
"Yes!," and she pulls up her sleeve to reveal quite a large "LEVI" on her wrist. How Angelina Jolie of her. It's fine to love your brother, but you shouldn't loooove your brother...

So what was meant to be a Conservative-value hit piece turned out to be more than Sarah Palin could have hoped for... I can understand why she's so mad, but what I think shone through was: Levi's trouble making sis is a kook and Levi himself would still vote for a Palin '12 ticket over Obama.

Better luck next time Tyra.

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