Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Racial Slurs" or Valid Criticism?

Maybe we should send this article to the guy that thinks it's "just plumb nuts" to think that the MSM (and many liberals) are confusing criticism of Obama with racist sentiments:

"...Proving that the left cannot tell the difference between “racism” and “criticism,” the AP posted a lengthy March 30 story confusing and conflating the two as it pertains to attacks on President Obama. As far as the AP is concerned it seems the whole country is running around with burning crosses and wearing pointy hoods aiming to cast racial epithets at Obama at every turn. It may as well still be the year 1860 around here...." (Read the whole article at Stop the ACLU)

The story this excerpt refers to is an Associated Press story entitled: Racial Slurs Continue Against Obama Despite Historic Achievement".

Maybe if we keep crying 'Racist' and 'Biggot' the public will focus on that and will turn a blind eye to all the mistakes of the first 100 days...

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