Saturday, April 18, 2009

Philadelphia's Tea Party II

...Which was so appropriately held on Independence front of Independence Hall, where our Constitution was debated and eventually adopted.

There were TONS of people there --especially considering the event was competing with the memorial service for Harry Kalas.

The crowd was also more diverse then CNN would have you believe--with men, women, children, White, Black, Asian and Indian...there was even a guy with a sign that said "Homo for Freedom" :)

Yet, there was nary a news van to be found.

I got to meet Chris Lilik of and Bev of Conservative Minority...and it's always nice meeting fellow Conservative Bloggers in a city like Philadelphia!

And, I was able to talk to Joey Vento (of Geno's Steaks fame):

My favorite sign of the day? "Honk if I bought you a flatscreen!" :D

Thanks 92alpha for driving and for the Geno's Steak afterward! :)

Just found this over at HuffPo. It was a comment by donbrown under an incredibly annoying, condescending and just plain nonfactual post:

"In a strange way there might be a positive outcome to this disheartening show of hatred.

African Americans are quite aware that these people exist around the country. But most whites I meet seem oblivious to it, or downplay the effect of racism in this nation...historically and even today.

They have no reference point because they don't feel it on a day to day basis.

By exposing the racial hatred in such an open forum as these "tea-parties", I think some will just look away... But others will have their eyes opened to what many people of color have to face all the time..usually in subtle, but insidious ways.

Thank God it is no longer fashionable to be obviously racist, but look closely at these people -- the same ones at the Palin rallies last fall -- the impotent rage is there, and much of it only because their new President is not of their race."

As if the article wasn't annoying enough, I had to go and read this. Are you kidding me?! Please tell me this is part of the DNC talking points to try and make these tea parties look like KKK rallies. They can't really believe that... Can they?

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