Friday, April 24, 2009

Manufactured Outrage Over TEA Party Signs

The coverage of the Tea Parties is still really bothering me. I was at a TEA party and the crowd was one of the most calm and respectful I'd ever seen...and this is Philly! There were no hateful signs, there was no shrill screaming and there was no open ire. It was actually an incredibly pleasant experience...

But apparently no one that writes or reads HuffPo saw ANY footage of protests while Bush was in office..they've obviously never taken a gander at the shots over at Zombietime and they just seem to plumb forget the bumper stickers they have on their own little Hybrids...

HuffPo did a piece about the 10 Most Offensive TEA Party signs and then Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune did an article about HuffPo's post...

This from Clarence:

"...[One sign in Chicago read]"Barack Hussein Obama, The New Face of Hitler"—on a large picture of Adolf Hitler with Obama's face bearing a Hitler-style mustache superimposed over the face of a picture of the original Hitler.

By the way, I have a modest proposal: Can we declare a moratorium on the use of Hitler as a metaphor for anyone but Hitler? Hitler's in a class by himself. Let's not cheapen his horrors by overusing his memory...." (source)

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that Clarence never made this "modest proposal" while Bush sported a little black mustache on every lefty's chest and sign.

The drones at HuffPo have the nerve to do an entire photo expose to highlight 10 "offensive" signs (these are the top 2):

I guess they didn't see these:

I want the Obamatrons at the Democratic Underground and the writers and readers of HuffPo to go look at the signs over at ZOMBIETIME and then tell me the Tea party signs were offensive...with a straight face.

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