Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keep Your Village Away From My Kid

"...OneKindWord teaches people who work at public places such as stores, parks, museums, schools and zoos how to help parents when their child throws a temper tantrum in public or when they are stressed and overwhelmed with parenting duties.

"When we see a child having a meltdown or a child standing dangerously in a shopping cart, we don't know what to do," Mrs. Ditillo said of bystanders. "We are all kind of helpless and freeze when we see others in this situation. What we want to do is enable people to assist these parents."

We want people to 'stop' and recognize when they may be able to help a parent or child; take a moment to 'pause,' think and get ready to assist; and three, try 'one kind word' to assist," she said..." (source)

There was a "One Kind Word" representative on FNC the other morning and her message didn't sound quite as innocuous as this article. She actually said they would suggest to mothers that they end cell phone calls and pay attention to their children. The interviewer DID NOT ask the OKW Rep if she had children (she looked quite young) --the most pertinent question as far as I was concerned.

I barely agree with offering parenting advice to friends, let alone strangers... Actually, I can't think of a time I ever interfered in a store or a mall. If I find a child that is alone, I will walk them to the cashier and if a child was about to fall out of a cart I would make sure they didn't...but i wouldn't ever admonish the parent... Would you? Have you?

I don't see it going over to well in Philly and NYC... :)

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