Wednesday, April 01, 2009

If You Disagree With Obama...

Monday night, in my search for material, I passed over a story about L & O's Angie Harmon in which she was lamenting the new reality that if you disagree with Obama you're a racist. I had bookmarked it, but decided not to use it because we've all been feeling that way and talking about it for months...

Yesterday my online travels led me to a site that had decided to post the story...with these opening paragraphs:

"...Folks, I’ve often gone on the record to o-pine against my Hollywood (so-called) “liberal” brethren for being anywhere from out of touch with reality to being just plumb NUTS.

Now it appears we have an equally out-of-touch, disturbed, far-right actress who nobody’s even heard by the name of Angie Harmon of who is whining like a stuck pig to the “Fair And Balanced” Fox News Channel crew about how anytime she said “I disagree with the president’s policies”, she is immediately accused of being a “racist” (FNC). ‘Scuse me, Ma’am? Come again, please?

I’m sorry — no comprendé, Señora. I’ve given President Barack Hussein puh-lenty of criticism on this website and not once has anybody accused me of being “racist”" (The Gun Toting Liberal)

God Lord, where to begin? First, no one's even heard her name? Angie Harmon is a "previously unknown actress?! Does this dude live in a box? Law and Order is only one of the most popular shows on TV...most likely listed in at least 85% of people's profiles under favorite shows... Can you say Dick Wolf's on TV since 1990 LAW & ORDER? (Other than that she's married to former NY Giant Jason Sehorn.)

But what really got to me is that he's acting like she's wacky for saying that if you don't like Obama you're considered a racist. I WISH that was a far fetched sentiment! My guess is that homeboy must live in Suburbia...
Truthfully, I dread when Obama comes up when I'm with any of my Black friends.

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