Monday, April 27, 2009

Green is the New Green

I know Leper Messiah is about televangelists...but I can't help but think of Al Gore every time I hear it...

Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was barred from speaking at a high profile global warming hearing in the Capitol on Friday (source). He is one of the growing number of vocal (man-made) Global Warming skeptics.

"Green" is now more of an industry than a cause...unfortunately.

Just because PETA people are wacky, doesn't mean we don't need advocates for strict humane standards when it comes to animals (which you can see for yourself should you have the stomach to watch HBO's Death on a Factory Farm).

Likewise, just because the Al Gore's and Leonardo DiCaprios have cast man-made Global Warming as the modern day Boogie Man doesn't mean Conservatives shouldn't be conserving. What sucks is when I take my cloth bags to the grocery store (yes, the items pictured belong to your humble hostess) I'm embarrassed when I run into people I know because I'm afraid they'll think I'm "one of those." I need a movement that says, 'I'm not in the Cult of Gore or Obama, but I am a Conservative and a Patriot and I love this country and want to do right by it.' Maybe the symbol could be the recycle sign and written over it "Conserve is the root of Conservative."

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