Thursday, April 16, 2009

Government Funded Internet Access For All?

The wife of a good friend of mine is very preoccupied with the "cause" of Internet for all. She brought it up quite a few times and I kept quiet, but finally I had to speak up. I knew she would think I was just being subversive since our political ideologies are light years apart...but I really was befuddled by her obsession with this matter.

I mean, have we eradicated poverty and domestic violence? Are we at the luxury of now campaigning for a WANT as opposed to the NEEDS so many have? And then I started thinking about our vast ideological difference and it hit me...this wasn't a charity, but something she probably expected tax payers to shoulder. What about the fact that the same people that don't have internet also don't have computers...are we buying the computers too?

Her adamant claim is that internet is a necessity.

Mine is that I have many Luddite friends (and their kids) that knowingly and willingly live without it --and have seemingly full and happy lives. Their children use the computer lab at school if need be and the parents read the inkies and steer clear of all the negatives they feel the computer would allow into their homes.

Maybe I'm alone here, but I think internet is still a luxury and not a necessity...

Is the Internet a LUXURY or a NECESSITY?
Necessity free polls

Would *I* go without it? No, of course not...but COULD I? Yes.

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