Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fishing Anyone?

I am so incredibly frustrated with politics lately...between the press claiming that the anti-Democratic and anti-Republican tea parties were somehow racist and with Obama declassifying documents that hurt our troops and enable our enemies... I've been so annoyed that I had to take a step back. I'd hate to be pissy with my husband or my kids because half the country thought voting in a neophyte would be a swell change.

So instead I've been thinking about different places I can take my boys fishing --and definitely crabbing this summer...(Though I am no fan of hunting, I do really enjoy fishing).

A very good friend of mine writes all of the product reviews for The New Jersey Angler and lately he's been doing a lot for Field and Stream. Namely a new fishing show called "Field and Stream Hook Shots"...which is pretty damn cool if you ask me... This is the first episode where they're fishing American shad on the Delaware River:

Anything other than talking about Obama's inexplicable decisions as of late... Like, we're going to prosecute people that okayed water boarding --even though we water board our own troops and even though the CIA says that a "9/11 style attack on Los Angeles was thwarted due to information gleaned from water boarding?!" Is this 24 come to real life or what?

Oh, that's right. No politics today... So I guess we can tell our fish stories now? :)

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