Monday, April 27, 2009

Economy Down...iPhone and Flatscreen Sales Up

In light of our recent "Is the Internet a necessity or a luxury?" discussion (at last count there were over 250 votes and 83% of you still consider it a luxury), I found this Pew Research Survey (about recession reevaluations of what is a necessity) quite interesting.

It seems microwaves, dryers, air conditioners and regular televisions are all dropping in people's opinion of what is a necessity. Personally, I think air conditioners made the list because it's been cold. A few more days like yesterday and they'll make their way back to the top. The Man has been in HVAC for over 20 years and his experience is that people with go without heat before they'll go without AC.

But as newscasters are reporting new jobless numbers each night, there have been 37 million iPhones sold. People are still buying designer jeans ($100-$250), flat screen TVs and McDonald's sales are up. Go figure.

I can't believe people are choosing iPhone as a necessity over a clothes I could see if they said a Blackberry... :)

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