Monday, April 06, 2009

Can We Really Oust Specter...Yes We Can!

"...Illustrating Sen. Arlen Specter's uncertain political future, two new surveys suggest that Pennsylvania voters are ready to reject him, with a majority of Republicans saying he doesn't deserve reelection.

The polls by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and by Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania show conflicting head-to-head results in hypothetical matchups between Specter and possible GOP challenger Pat Toomey -- with each holding a double-digit lead over the other.

But in both polls, Specter registers a third or less of Republican support, a dangerously low level for a well-known incumbent, analysts said..." (source)

As far as I know, Pat Toomey (Club for Growth President) hasn't officially thrown his hat in the ring, but things are begining to take shape in the on-going fight to oust Pennsylvania's head RINO.

It seems like the MSM thinks we might be able to get him out too and are willing to do a national story on a "Republican" if it keeps a Conservative from taking his seat.

The only obstacle I see Toomey having trouble overcoming is cash. Specter will have a lot of it and many Americans are not really in the position to be giving to charity, let alone to political campaigns.

You might want to think about donating to Pat Toomey once he announces even if you live out of State... We NEED this guy out of the Senate. He's even starting to refer to himself in 3rd person!

"You need Arlen Specter in the Republican caucus. You need him for the country." (source)

ALa would like to respectfully disagree.

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