Friday, April 17, 2009

Anti-War, Left-Wing Radical in the Pentagon

You MUST read this entire article...but here are some highlights:

"In what has to be one of the most extreme appointments yet by the Obama Administration, ex-Los Angeles Times columnist and Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks has just been made an adviser to Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michelle Fluornoy..."

Here are some things Ms. Brooks, former Special Counsel for George Soros's Open Society Institute in New York, has said prior to her Pentagon appointment:

She has referenced George Bush as "our torturer in chief." (source)

She accused Bush's White House and Pentagon officials of being "eager to embrace the values normally exemplified by military juntas," while urging "military personnel to speak out, regardless of the cost, when they think our civilian leaders have gone beyond the pale" (source)

She has compared Bush's war stance with Adolph Hitler's war propaganda. (source)

In 2006 Brooks wrote, "...With so many thousands dead, and so many thousands more embittered, 'winning' isn't really on the table anymore. The only question now is whether we can mitigate the damage." (source)

And speaking of radicals in the Pentagon...

Do you think that "torture memos" Obama arrogantly released will have an effect on the safety of our troops that are currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan?

What justification can be given for releasing documents that can rile up the "insurgents" and could possible cause the actual torture/barbaric beheading of one of our troops...?

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