Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Happened to the Articulate Savior?

Broken promises. Serious gaffes. Teleprompter malfunctions. What is happening to The One?

First off...I could link to SO MANY articles and stump speeches in which Obama is chastising "Bush's signing statements." But now that he's in the Oval Office is he doing the exact thing he railed against?
"...President Obama failed to consult Congress, as promised, before carving out exceptions to the omnibus spending bill he signed into law — breaking his own signing-statement rules two days after issuing them — and raised questions among lawmakers and committees who say the president's objections are unclear at best and a power grab at worst..." (source)

Then there's the fact that the White House seems to still be dog-less (which truthfully is better for which ever little girl is allergic --I am proud to say I don't remember his daughters' names...wait, Sasha and Aliya? Anyway, I worked at a vet for 9 years and there is really no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog no matter what people say...) I think the Obama's started talked about a dog when the polls showing the multi-pet McCain family leading the petless Brack in polls.

As for gaffes...the Jay Leno "Special Olympics" remark was pretty bad for the President of the United States to make. Almost as bad as the classic moment when Joe Biden told wheelchair-bound State Senator Chuck Graham to "stand up."

Throw another bucket of water on him... He's Mmmmeelllttinnggg.

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