Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Chance at Redemption

Excerpt from this blog -Nov. 13, 2004:

"PA Primaries...2004...I stood inside the booth for way-too-long...wrestling with strategically?...or vote my conscience?

Arlen Specter or Pat Toomey.

Arlen Specter is a RINO plain and simple. He is more liberal than many of the Democrats in Congress. He is pro-choice and anti-tort reform. He was one of the very few Senators that voted FOR having our servicemen & women stand before an international criminal court! He is bound to the lawyers lobbies and even organized labor. The PA unions actually asked members to change party affiliation before the primaries so they could vote for Specter (that's a BAD sign to a conservative voter). But no one said the man is dumb, he votes conservatively whenever an election is on the horizon. He voted for the war, for the ban on partial birth abortion and for the unborn victims of violence act...because he was up for re-election.

I pushed the button for Specter...felt sick in my stomach...Toomey was a far better candidate...BUT I didn't think Toomey could beat Mr. Hoeffel in the General election...for the first time in my life I opted to vote against my conscience..." (Blonde Sagacity, 11-13-04)

Next year I WILL NOT make the same mistake. I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ARLEN SPECTER AGAIN. It is so worth risking the seat to get an actual Conservative in there. I don't know why I didn't realize that in 2004.

I would like to joins the ranks that are already officially endorsing Pat Toomey. And to pledge my services to his campaign as penance for my past actions.

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