Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Biased Barnes & Noble

Yes I know, I complain about my local Barnes & Noble all the time...with their giant table-shrine to Obama and their stereotypical Birkenstock wearing, unkempt beard having personnel...

But what's a girl to do when she doesn't want to wait for a book to come via snail mail (and I have to say that after years of satisfaction, my last two interactions with have been less than fruitful!)?

So I talked my oldest into taking a ride and made my way over to my B&N for a venti, decaf vanilla latte and Mark Levin's new book Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto.

Alas, the book was no where to be found.

At the information desk I asked the sales associate, we'll call him Seth, why I couldn't find Levin's new release. Seth, who I swear was wearing wool socks and Birkenstocks, found the book on his computer and turned the monitor my if needing irrefutable proof I was indeed inquiring after a Conservative Manifesto.

"Is this the book?"
"Well," his voice drops, "we wouldn't have ordered many of those."
I jab my index finger right into his flat screen monitor at the "sales ranking #1" and ask, "And why is that?"
He mumbles incoherently...probably remarking on the fact that he now has my fingerprint for my FBI Conservative outlaw file...Then offers to "call another store."
"Forget it Seth," I said, which must have baffled him as I have no idea what his name really was, "I'll get it from Amazon."

...but I wanted it yesterday! I know Dad, if I had your Kindle, I could "have" the book in "under a minute." But I like to have the physical book in my hands... But now I might get it...just to spite Barnes & Noble and all the Seths that the Kindle will put out of work!

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