Monday, March 16, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter?

Meghan McCain had (and still has) a chance to reach out to young Conservative voters. Personally, I like her because she's a "hipper", cuter, and better dressed political figure than America is used to. I take heat for it here, but since most Americans do "judge a book by its cover", I think appearances are extremely important --especially if you're a politician (or representing one). One thing the GOP hasn't figured out how to do yet is bring in a new generation of voters and Meghan McCain could be the one to help do that ...

...If she could let the wishy-washy politics of her Dad be the child that was left behind. Now, don't get me wrong, unlike Michelle Malkin, I don't totally blame her for her recent flubs (saying she disproves of Ann Coulter while praising bi-polar, sex & heroin addict Russell Brand...he was pretty funny in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"). She is young and she shouldn't have to shoulder the media perceived riff between Conservatism and coolness all by herself. She's been around K street enough times to see what happens to young GOPers in the press.

But, if Meghan were smart she'd realize the unique position she was in and she'd parlay it into starting a True Religion wearing, Prada toting, Miss Sixty having clique of cute little Conservatives about town... She could become the next Newt Gringrich of the Conservative movement...but with a cooler contract for the youth of the party... ;)

Instead if being worried what Jimmy Kimmel or Bill Maher will say about her, she should stop denigrating her and take a page from Coulter's book and use her current position to secure a easy job for a hipster with values and a Kooba bag.

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