Friday, March 13, 2009

Liberals Denigrate a Teenager for Political Gain

Most MSM outlets didn't report on the fact that a candidate for the president of the United States was cheating on his dying-of-cancer-wife (even now as he has the audacity to give speeches about moral standards!), BUT they'll talk ad nauseum about an 18 year old that decided to break up with her boyfriend? Are you kidding me? A grown man that PUT HIMSELF in the spotlight gets a pass, yet the CHILD of a politician get eviscerated?

I was reading some of the posts about Bristol Palin over at the Democratic Underground and... Ugh. I just kept getting a mental image of Golem typing with a wicked smile... Whose heart is dark enough to relish in the heartbreaks of a teenager? Whose life is empty enough to have time to care?

There is an entire article about her, uh, well...see for yourself. Even the "reputable" HuffPo is rife with gossipy trash.

Say what you will about "right wing nut jobs"...but they are out there looking to protect children (even before they're born). All politics aside, I truly believe in my heart that only those on the Left would exploit a child like this... I don't even understand the criticism...Did any of them every do what was expected by their parents when they were a teen --'cause I know I sure didn't. Is there some magic method out there to make your children obey you? Because I'd like some of that please. Children have free will --Sarah Palin can only teach her children what she believes and what they do with it from there is up to them... Isn't that just common sense?!

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