Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Do As He Says...

...Not as he does.

"... President Barack Obama’s entreaties to “buy American” to improve the economy apparently doesn’t include the fleet of new Marine One helicopters he’ll soon be shuttled around in.

The Pentagon is spending $11.2 billion for 23 European-designed, British-built helicopters to replace the aging squadron of American aircraft used by American presidents for the past 30 years.

Critics of the presidential purchase claim the contract for the new Lockheed Martin “US101” variant of the Italian choppers violates a decades-old law that requires weapons systems and components used by the U.S. military to be made primarily in the United States.." (source)

Maybe if Obama would have practiced what he's been preaching, Iran wouldn't have the blueprints to the new Marine One.

Seems to me the new Commander in Chief has done a lot of shallow promising already, but that'll just be deemed partisan nit-picking on my part...so why even bother making the list?

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