Friday, March 27, 2009

Chris Jericho Slams Obama

Thankfully my boys aren't into WWE (don't you still want to call it WWF?) Wrestling... My brothers used to watch it back in the Hulk Hogan -Andre the Giant days, but now Monday nights just mean that House and NCIS reruns will be preempted by "Monday night Raw."

That being said, the other day TMZ was talking to Chris Jericho (who I liked much better when his hair was long...not that I know who he is or anything) and they had this witty little exchange:

[TMZ]: "You're a wrestler ... so, do you think you have better abs than Barack Obama?"

Chris Jericho: "As of right now I have better abs ... but pretty soon he's gonna take 65% of my abs away from me and give 'em to somebody else." (source)


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