Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Chicken Emergency!

"A Fort Pierce [FL] woman called 911 three times to report an emergency after McDonald's had run out of McNuggets, according to a police report obtained Tuesday.

Latreasa Goodman, 27, was issued a written notice to appear in court for misusing the 911 emergency communications system..." (source)

I was SO happy to hear someone was finally cited for misusing 911. I wish to God we did that here in Philly because the city could make enough money to stop closing fire stations and laying off much needed police officers!

But wait...there were people that AGREED a lack of nuggets was an emergency:

"...Customers at the McDonald's where the incident occurred had mixed feelings about the McNugget meltdown.

Daniel Slaton said he typically orders McNuggets when he goes to McDonald's, saying simply, "I just like them better than anywhere else."

But Sallee Bair had a different perspective.

"That's a little overboard," Bair said. "That's way too much, way extreme for chicken nuggets. They're not that great." (read the whole article)

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