Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Case For Abstinence

Have you noticed that everything in our society is dictated by the lowest common denominator of our population (i.e. "caution: coffee is hot" or "remove baby from stroller before folding")...except for sex. The Left wants to regulate the hell out of every other aspect of our lives, but God forbid we even suggest abstinence to teens that can't even remember a hall pass let alone a condom. It's perfectly fine to remind them not to put bags over their head, but let's not insinuate they aren't mature enough to procure "protection" in the heat of the teenage hormones moment...

I'm not an abstinence only advocate...I think we should be realistic and teach all forms of birth control, but to take abstinence off the table is absurd...

Especially in light of rising HIV rates and rising teen pregnancies.

If we live in a country where people need to be told to blow out a candle before you throw it do we expect them to comprehend preventing pregnancy...?

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