Friday, March 06, 2009

(Almost) Actual Justice

Of course it's a Muslim country, so the story had to have a stab at women even when "protecting" them...

"...An Iranian woman living in Spain is welcoming a Tehran court ruling that awards her eye-for-an-eye justice against a suitor who blinded her.

In a Spanish radio interview, she says her aim isn't revenge -- it's to make sure her suffering isn't repeated.

Ameneh Bahrami was blinded and disfigured in 2004 when a man she had spurned threw acid on her. Late last year, an Iranian court reportedly ruled that Islamic justice calls for the attacker to be blinded with acid, too.

But the victim says she is entitled to blind Majid Movahedi in only one eye, because under Iranian law "each man is worth two women."

She also says he would be blinded by having several drops of acid put into one eye, whereas she had acid splashed all over her face and other parts of her body..." (source)

I wonder how much crimes against women and children would decline (all over the world, but specifically here in the U.S.) if the cowards that perpetuated them knew they would have to face the same fate at the hands of another man...?

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