Saturday, February 21, 2009

RIP Socks

The Clinton's cat (that should have been named "Boots" for what the family did to him after Buddy came along) dies at 20.

I don't know why...but when I think of Socks I always think of Mo Rocca blaming Hillary's ill-fated health care plan on the poor cat:

"QUESTION: Haven't read your book yet, I'm sorry if you addressed this issue. When Bill Clinton became President, he had a cat. At a subsequent point in his term, he obtained a dog.

Was this a shrewd political move based on polling results, or a way to meet chicks?

Mo Rocca: Both. It was also a result of centrist Democrat displeasure with Socks the Cat. It was his urinary tract infection that inspired Hillary's ill-fated health care initiative. Buddy the lab (the most popular breed) was a perfect choice for a White House especially attuned to the polls." (source)

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