Monday, February 16, 2009

Right America: Feeling Wronged

First off... Do you think the Republican Party is "embarrassed by the base?" Do you think that we "try to hide" the people that are claiming that "Obama is the Antichrist" and "Obama is a socialist?"

I don't think so and I think this interview just elucidates the bubble that many New Yorkers and Left Coasters live in. We're not ashamed to be totally freaked out by Obama and we're not ashamed to be readers of Coulter or listeners of Rush and I'm sick of being treated as such...

"Oh, I know you voted for McCain, but you're not one of those freaky Conservatives that worships Rush and Ann Coulter."

Uh, yeah I am.

Maybe that's what you need to tell yourself to be my friend...but I have news for you--aside from Rush's misogynistic side that rears its ugly head ever so often, I can't think of anything the man and I disagree on. Ann says things in a bombastic manner that garners attention, but almost all the sentiments mirror my own.

Andrea Pelosi is a liberal and she is the spawn of Nancy Pelosi, but I like her and I like all the documentaries she's made... So I will be watching tonight as HBO premiere's her newest: Right America: Feeling Wronged.

At least she acknowledges that there are millions of people whose voices are not heard in the MSM and that, despite what you might believe now by looking around you, there were OVER 58 MILLION PEOPLE THAT DIDN'T VOTE FOR OBAMA.

Over 58 Million.

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