Thursday, February 05, 2009

Obama's Tax Evaders

You would think someone that subscribed to the tenets of socialism would be a bit more concerned with those that skirt paying the taxes that support all those social programs...

Here is a great OpEd that deals with this issue:

There are multiple lessons to be gleaned by President Barack Obama from the withdrawal Tuesday of former Sen. Tom Daschle as the White House nominee for secretary of the Health and Human Services Department. Here are four:

- What usually works in Chicago to quell ethics controversies doesn’t wash in the nation’s capital... (cont.)

- Having made strong public defenses of two of your three major nominees with tax problems, you have become a defender of Washington’s business-as-usual culture and given up the opportunity to portray yourself as the man who was going to bring change to the Potomac...(cont.)

- The bigger and more pervasive government becomes, the more difficult it is to find qualified, talented people to serve in high positions who don’t have multiple conflicts of interest. (cont.)

- The federal tax code must be shorn of its bewildering complications, exemptions, deductions and credits so that every taxpayer can pay either with a flat tax return the size of a postcard or a reformed version of the present system. (cont.) (source)

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