Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Now *Eating In* Isn't Safe Either...

Just yesterday a friend told me that he's now 'bouncing' at a local restaurant/bar that I've been dying to try... "DO NOT EAT THERE!" he practically yelled as I informed him of my intentions. I know people that have worked in too many of the restaurants in the area and it's seriously cramping my eating out choices: Olive Garden is out, Nifty Fifties is out, Friendly's is out, Taco Bell out and I even know someone that claims they used to pee in the Henny Penny fryer at Chic-Fil-A. Ugh. My brother worked at Jones (owned by Steven Starr) and still eats there, which is great because that's one of my favorite places in Philly.

But now eating in doesn't even guarantee you'll be eating pest-free foods...

"...Prather describes a building in which roaches were a constant problem, saying, "Roaches get up there in the dry roast. Some of them blend in with the peanuts. You'd never know they're there."

Health inspectors also noticed roaches as they searched for the source of the salmonella, saying, "A live roach and several dead roaches were observed in the firm's wash room."

But, three or four months ago, Prather says, he saw the rat "dry roasting in the peanuts."

He says he also frequently saw rat droppings in the area where peanut products were made, where Prather worked..." (source)

I think I need to start growing my own food...

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