Friday, February 20, 2009

Majority or Minority in Academia?!

"...Two of academia’s most controversial left-wing figures — ex-Weatherman Bill Ayers and fired University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill — will share a stage on the Boulder campus next month.

Three CU student groups recruited Ayers, a lightning rod of controversy during the 2008 presidential election, to speak at an academic-freedom rally just days before Churchill’s lawsuit against CU goes to trial.

“What we’re trying to show with this event is that Ward Churchill is not alone in this,” said Aaron Smith, a recent CU graduate and member of Students for True Academic Freedom.

The March 5 event, “Forbidden Education and the Rise of Neo-McCarthyism,” will be held at the Glenn Miller Ballroom, and also will feature author and activist Derrick Jensen. Co-sponsors include the Student Environmental Action Coalition and 180 Degree Shift at the 11th Hour.

Churchill is scheduled to participate in an audience question-and-answer session..." (source)

I'm sincerely hoping that the students that would waste precious beer-pong time to rally for anti-Americans like Ayres and Churchill are the vast minority...

I am all for free speech, but if a teacher can get fired for having pictures of herself with a beer on Facebook or My Space...the things Ward Churchill has done have to warrant firing --just the lying on the resume alone should be grounds...right?

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