Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Equal Opportunity Caricatures...

"Outrage and protests continue to mount over The NY Post's controversial cartoon interpreted by many as comparing President Obama to a chimpanzee that was shot and killed by police in Stamford, Connecticut last week.

Reverend Al Sharpton on Sunday called for a special City Council hearing, urging the city to refrain from advertising in The Post.

The civil rights leader, along with other local lawmakers, is also asking for the FCC to review the waiver extended to News Corp and Rupert Murdoch, which allows them to own more than one television station and newspaper in the same city.

"I think that they have sadly tried to reduce this to some personal fight than to really understand the level of offense," Sharpton said at a press conference on Sunday. "It seems that we cannot have a true level of democracy in terms of how the newspapers and airwaves are used in this city."

The New York Post issued an editorial on its website last Thursday saying the cartoon was meant to mock the federal economic stimulus bill, and apologized to those who were offended by it..." (source)

Type "Bush + chimp" into Google and you get about 644,000 results...This pretty much renders the entire discussion about the NY Post cartoon moot.

I'd wager that it's the same Bush loathers that had animated .gifs of Bush morphing into a monkey as their icons on the Democratic Underground that are screaming about this...

And as a caller to Rush pointed out...Obama didn't write the bill. The monkey was meant to be Nancy Pelosi so this was sexist, not racist ;)

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