Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Proud Father

This is taken from the site: The Stewardship Coach by Mark Brooks

A reason to rejoice and a proposal for the President February 21st, 2009

"Amidst all this bad news of the economy in my house at least there is good news. Our son in law, Captain Nick Cherry, is on his way home to Hawaii after spending 14 months in Iraq. In just a few hours he will be reunited with my daughter Amy and their two year old son, Jackson. This ends a 28 month period where we first saw our son Jon stationed in Baghdad followed by Nick’s 14 months. For the Brooks and Cherry households this weekend is one of rejoicing.

I am continually amazed by the resilience of this generation of Americans. It bears remembering that this is an all volunteer service. Too often we do not focus on the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. Day in and day out they suffer through not only separation from loved ones but incredible dangers in often brutal conditions. They deserve our praise and gratitude.

They give campaign medals and ribbons to all our troops who serve in this war on terror. I truly think that wives should get a medal. To me they are unsung hero’s. While their loved one is away they have to keep households in tack, manage the finances, make major decisions alone and raise children essentially as a single parent. While family members and friends do what they can these amazing women carry an incredible burden that is being over looked if not ignored.

So, here is my idea. Why not create a medal of appreciation for spouses of those that have been deployed? If that seems too hard how about a day in their honor? What about if we gave them some bail out money to cover expenses? That is an extra tax I would gladly give to.

Mr. President, can we not come up with some tribute for these unsung hero’s who are making a valuable contribution to this war on terror?

Here is what I can do, I can say thank you to every wife, mother, father and child of a service member deployed. You are my hero’s. I don’t know any others but the ones in my family, so as for me my daughter Amy is today my hero. Thanks Amy you have made me proud!

Mark Brooks
Founder and President
The Charis Group

PS. Please pass this note along. Perhaps we can indeed get something started that will result in recognition of military spouses. Who knows it might even end up on President Obama’s Blackberry!"

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