Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Teasing Builds Character...

"IF your child is being teased in the playground - don't worry, it's good for building character.

New research has found playful teasing could be good for young people because it helps them bond and develop social skills.

It may even make "victims" more likely to take on leadership roles in the long term. Dr Erin Heerey, of the University of Bangor in North Wales, studied a group of university students in California and found that their "playful humiliations" led to them becoming better friends.

Researchers visited the group a gain a couple of years later and found that students who had been the butt of jokes were in leadership positions and now playing the same role in passing on these social norms." (source)

Of course this is TEASING and not BULLYING we're talking about here. But this article (and another like it over at the NYT that includes jokes now deemed "sexual harassment" as teasing) have me wondering if teasing is included under the bully-empowering, self-defense robbing "Zero Tolerance" policies adopted by most schools?

I have found that I normally attempt to steer clear of people that lack the ability to laugh at themselves or engage in self-deprecating humor...

Have we become a society that is so weak we can't handle having a laugh at ourselves?

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