Friday, January 09, 2009

Politics and Race

It's hard to imagine yourself ever shocked at the actions of someone within the political arena. We've witnessed to much to be taken aback very often...

Well, it happened to me yesterday and the man that accomplished this feat was, none other than NAACP head honcho: Julian Bond.

Some of you may be aware that Bond was elected to the House of Representatives in Georgia (in 1965), but was refused his seat due to his position on the Vietnam war.

Well yesterday he was comparing his past of being barred from that seat to Roland Burris' plight right now.

Rod Blagojevich may be a smarmy guy, but that obviously parlayed itself into a moment of brilliant treachery. Blagojevich knew no one wanted him appointing the next Senator and was well aware of the steps that were being taken to prevent him from doing so. In a (brilliant) and defying move he made the appointment, BUT he threw his detractors for a loop when he appointed a respected African American to the seat. Blagojevich knew that it would be virtually impossible to challenge this.

So Julian Bond was one of the first to fall right in line with Blagojevich's nefarious plan. For Bond to go so far as compare Burris' opposition to his own is ludicrous. Burris was appointed by a man accused of selling the very seat he has been appointed to. How do we know he wasn't a bidder? And of course I have to wonder if Julian Bond would be pushing to uphold the appointment if the appointee weren't Black. Would the "Democrats Yield to Burris" if he were not a minority? It's pretty bad when even USA Today is saying the Dems "traded principles for politics."

I can proudly say that I would be against Blagojevich's appointment whether he was Black, White...or even female. I challenge Julian, Pelosi, Reid and Durbin to say the same.

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