Friday, January 23, 2009

CNN's Soledad O'Brien Wants Family Evicted Over Dog

...and how funny to have FNC covering the story!

On Fox and friends yesterday morning they had Ugo the Dog as a guest looking into the camera with his big, sad face.

"CNN correspondent Soledad O'Brien wants this dog gone.

The newswoman and other members of a Chelsea co-op board are trying to evict a beloved family pet from a swanky loft building because they say the dog is smelly and slobbers.

O'Brien, in a 20-page affidavit, complained about the pooch's "size, slobbering, shedding, drooling, gassiness and odors.

"No family should have to decide between its own shelter and putting the family pet in a shelter," said Michael Schwartz, the family's lawyer.

O'Brien, 42, an anchor and special correspondent for "CNN Worldwide," declined comment." (source)

Why can't people mind their own business and worry about what's going on in their own house? Hopefully the negative attention will work in the family's favor so they won't have to take the family dog from their kids...

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