Wednesday, January 28, 2009

...But It's Just a Tylenol!

My middle son, the Ninja, has come home a few times over the past few weeks with intense headaches. We've now put him on Zyrtec for environmental allergies.

But that's not the point of the story...just the catalyst. The point is that on more than one occasion I had to pack up a newborn in crappy weather and drive to the school to either give him a Tylenol or bring him home because they can't give him a Tylenol.

The school nurse (who is an RN with a BFA) CAN NOT administer a Tylenol.

As I was driving home one of these times, I was thinking...

In many states a child needs neither parental consent or parental notification to undergo an abortion...which is invasive surgery.

We are so concerned about...what? being sued that a school can't give something completely innocuous like acetaminophen?

So here's my question. Since we're so 'progressive', can the 13 year old that just got an abortion unbeknownst to her parents have an aspirin for the pain afterwards...or would she need a doctor's note for that?

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