Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best of BS: What I Have Learned From the Left

Originally posted on July 30, 2004: I wrote this shortly after my admission to the blogosphere. These were the things that I noticed Lefty bloggers were touting as Patriotic...I wonder if they still feel the same. Unfortunately all comments were lost in the switch from Blogger comments to Haloscan back then...

1. The first rule is to question everything that the President does –even in a time or war. Distrust is our duty in a democracy and it is unpatriotic not to do so –especially in a time of war. If the ‘other side’ discourages our distrust we scream ‘foul’ and claim that they are infringing on our constitutional guarantee of dissent.

2. The second rule is ALWAYS distrust the motives of the President –it’s a personal check and balance that keeps us safer.

3. We must always criticize the economy –regardless of what the numbers show. It is unpatriotic to assume that ‘America can’t be better’. It would dishonor those killed on 9/11 not to expect more of our leaders.

4. We must always remember the economic horn of plenty that Clinton provided-don’t let anyone imply this was a tech bubble; and reject the idea of the Clinton/Gore recession in 2000-2001 because they can not be blamed that a tech bubble burst.

5. You can cover all political bases by voting for a war, but then criticizing it later. This is an important rule as you will always have two sides to stand on regardless of the crowd that you are addressing. The hawks will respect you for voting for it, and the doves will love you for protesting against it.

6. If your constituents are mad that you voted for the war just vote against the funding of the war. To avoid people saying that you are hurting the troops, claim that the bill was worded wrong and that you didn’t want to give the President a ‘blank check’. When all else fails continue to evoke the evils of the President.

7. Attempt to discredit everyone in the current Administration even if some were appointed by your political allies. When they are correct –take credit. If they mess up –cut them and run and blame the Administration for keeping him too long.

8. Use any minor infraction to discredit the opposition. Try not to belittle the soldiers, because the American people won’t like that but the Administration is fair game. If you discover people putting underwear on someone else’s head or treating a prisoner in any way less than would be expected at the Waldorf Astoria, report ‘wide-spread torture’ and keep using the word ‘atrocity’. While you are at it –bring impeachment charges against the President just in case he wins a second term-start proceeding immediately. Downplay any horror committed by the terrorists as retaliation for the war in general.

9. Do not let them use the deaths of innocent Americans as a diversion to any news here at home –dwelling on these deaths may remind the people what we are fighting for and there is a possibility they may rally behind the President.

10. Constantly remind your constituents of all the awful things that America has done –never let them de-humanize the enemy or label them as ‘terrorists’ because they will relate it to 9/11 and may rally behind this corrupt administration. Remind them that we have done terrible things to African Americans and the Japanese and that we are not superior to anyone-reiterate cultural tolerance (Maybe even quote one of the 'nice' verses from the Qu'ran).

11. Don’t let America forget that we too have bombed things and killed innocent civilians and that the opposition in the Middle East are just young freedom fighters who strongly believe in what they are fighting for …didn’t we kill the British when we felt that they were invading our land?

There could probably be many more "lessons" added here. These are the considerations they were giving President Bush back in his first term, so I thought it appropriate that we remember so we can extend the same niceties...

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